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stair tread   
Our stair tread is made of steel grating and widely used for different types of steel ladders.
Stair thread has the features of easy installation,strong struction,aesthetic appearance and good water permeability. We can fabricate according to customer's requirements.
There are 4 types of treads distinguished by different nosing & way of install ation.
1.No Nosing  Welded fixing stair tread
2.No Nosing  Bolted fixing stair tread
3.before anti-skid shield article  Welded fixing stair tread
4.before anti-skid shield article  Bolted fixing stair treads
stair  tread Ordering Instruction:

1,Our grating can be any type of grating production, according to customer needs dimension processing.
2,From a security point of view, the proposed length of time the board should not exceed "recommended maximum length of time board."
3,From an economic and aesthetic point of view, it is recommended as far as possible, we recommend using the width, including the former security guards and side panels.
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